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The Common Course: An Introduction to the Global Commons


The Common Course: 
An Introduction to the Global Commons

Dates:  July 9th - August 6th 

Sponsors:  Anthroposphere Institute, Commons Learning Alliance


1. Self-study; materials available on-line
2. Regular participation in on-line discussion group (minimum of 3x/week)
3. Participation in weekly conference call 

Academic Director: Leo Burke
Online Discussion FacilitatorsMary Beth Steisslinger, Jan Inglis, and Robin Temple
Webmaster: Robin Temple

TuitionFree - for a short period of time while an international online payment system is being developed for the Commons Campus.

Websites: The Commons Campus

Materials: All text materials will be posted on the website in PDF format; audio materials in MP3 format; videos in YouTube format (.flv)

Common Course orientation conference callSaturday July 9th 2011

This orientation conference call will be the official start of the Common Course.

The orientation call will give you a chance to be introduced to your instructors on the Common Course, hear from others who are also participating, and ask any technical questions you may have about using this online learning platform for the course.


Week I—Introduction to the Commons (July 10-16)

Overview of the commons, including history, current usage and definitions.  Major issues facing the commons today.

Conference call Week I: July 16


Week II: The Enclosure of the Commons (July 17-23)

History of the enclosure process.  Current attempts at enclosure, privatization, monetization of the commons.

Conference call Week II: July 23


Week III: The Commons and Climate Change (July 24-30)

The impact of climate change on the commons and the use of commons trusts to protect the climate.

Conference call Week III: July 30


Week IV: The Depth and Breath of the Global Commons: From Philosophy to Acton (July 31-Aug 6)

Examining the philosophical underpinnings of the global commons and looking at ways of taking effective action to create a sustainable future.

Conference call Week IV: Aug 6


Review the following websites as potential resources on the commons:


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If you would like to enrol for this Common Course - starting July 9th 2011 click here to register

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