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A meta-story in 6 tweets

on Sun, 11/14/2010 - 08:05

A Twitter-friend of mine, @openworld, has developed an elegant pattern capable to capture meta-stories regardless the scale of the entities involved. He calls it "narrative fractals" and explains it here: .

He tweeted some of us, asking, what's your meta-story in 6 tweets? First, I re-tweeted the question to my 800+ "followers" on Twitter, then I replied with this set of 6 tweets, using the narrative fractal pattern:

1. Attractor: Can the social body awaken to its next stage, where the whole lives for the well-being of the parts and vice versa?

2. Challenge: Can we raise our collective consciousness, intelligence & wisdom, 2 the level needed 2 solve our intertwined global crises?

3. Opportunity: Can we see that the multitudes wanting a better world that works 4 all have actually reached critical mass?

4. Strategy: Will there be a global constitutive assembly (in our lifetime or not) of the movements morphing into new governance?

5. Test: Will the meme of "commons-based society" get enough momentum to oblige markets & states to support it?

6. Decision: Isn't it time to choose to educate ourselves about the #commons ? See:

So, what would be your 6-tweet meta-story?


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Glad to see your metastory and its resonance!

I also love the idea of having a site where we can easily share profiles in the six-faceted narrative fractal pattern.

In hopes that could emerge as a springboard for this, here's narrative fractal profile based on my earlier tweets --

1. Attractor: A kid's spirit grows in Narnia & Middle Earth. He wants to see how his values fare outside the sandbox

2. Challenge: Enter - stage left & right - schools and polities based on coercive power- systems at odds with free people.

3. Opportunity: As predatory systems overreach, free cities & virtual realms emerge. Vision: vest poor as co-owners

4. Strategy: How? Help online tribes spread #P2P alternatives. Partner w/localities to free people & awaken assets

5. Test: Test strategy in peer learning and free zone pilots. Confirm volunteer interest in building open source tools

6. Decision: Opt to act on, refine, or shelve my meta-story - your thoughts?

Look forward to more sharing of profiles and to braiding of storylines as part of larger ones ahead.



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Mark, thank you for posting your 6-tweet fractal, thus strengthening the meta-story commons,

where the shared assets are our individually perceived versions of humankind's emergent, collective meta-story. 

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The real story is not always that straight forward I think.

I see it somehow as a theoretical description of a process that may happen that way but not necessarily. In life it doesnt seem to work quite so linear. In a system there seem to be lots of feed back loops before things move on and enter the next stage.

Nevertheless I played with one of my Attractors:

1. Is a healthcare system inspired by holistic and systemic principles possible
in a Commons based society?

2. Can collective awareness rise to the level needed to make change inevitable?

3. Worldwide there are huge numbers of qualified practitioners in countless
disciplines working holistically and even more people are taking
responsibility for their own treatment taking it into their own hands.

4. Will the healthcare system recognise the need to offer more of what people
want and offer more choice? Could there be some health centres who could set
the trend for holistic practice i.e Bromley-by Bow? Could COPs within the NHS
use systemic thinking for a system in crisis and open up new ways of thinking
within a large institution?

5. A new system will need to proof itself in a commons based society.

6. It is time for a strategy for action. We should re-define what we expect from
a health care system, from a practitioner and ourselves as service users. We
need to create new workable examples that touch and inspire courage for
change. We need to decide what kind of organisation should it be that would
judge standards and according to what criteria?