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Theory into practice

on Mon, 05/02/2011 - 14:47

A long overdue reform is still waiting to be enacted regarding an important area of commons. I am referring to the publicly created urban land values which at the moment acrues in full to owner occupiers instead of being fairly distributed the the whole community which creates it..

Learning has to come to an end eventually and the activism of reclaiming has to start. When will that happen?

(by the way, am I doing things wrong here or are some of the features still waiting to be implemented?)


George Pór's picture

Dear Janos,

Yes, we know that some features are not functioning properly and are working on getting them fixed. We will take off the "Beta" from the title as soon as we'll have the resources to have the site function to the architectural requirements of the community platform we envisioned for supporting the learning needs of the global commons movement.

> learning has to come to an end eventually and the activism of reclaiming has to start.

Yes and no. Learning is definitely not an end to itself and commons activism has started years ago as reflected by what happened in the Berlin and Hyderabad conferences. 

If you don't see much activity on this site, for now, it's not because the absence of commons activism in the world; we're just not the center of if and never intended to be. We trust that traffic will pick up on our site, once we are more confident with its technical performance and have some volunteers helping with facilitating conversations and learning.

Thank you again for your caring!