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Beyond State Capitalism: The Commons Economy in our Lifetimes

on Sun, 06/06/2010 - 08:00

James Quilligan wrote:

"(1) Are modern societies prepared to create a framework in which the incentives
behind production and governance are not private capital and debt-based
growth, but human solidarity, quality of life and ecological sustainability?

(2) How soon -- and how peacefully -- will the subsystems of the Market State
integrate their structures of value-creation and sovereign governance with the
greater biophysical system of ecological and social interdependence?

(3) Can the global public organize effectively as a third power to develop checks
and balances on the private and public sectors and establish the resource
sovereignty and preservation value needed for a commons economy?

These issues will be filtering into mainstream discussion over the next two decades. Already the system of state capitalism is breaking down, threatening the entire planet... As an economist, I don't pretend to speak for the conscience of humanity; but as a human being, my heart tells me that we shall see the beginnings of a commons economy in our lifetimes."

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George Pór published the article on the 06/06/10