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Building Digital Commons and Collaborative Communities

on Mon, 10/10/2011 - 06:04

I just received this important information and thought to share it with our readers:


Building Digital Commons and Collaborative Communities is a new initiative aiming to bring together individuals, collective and organizations from different Free and Open Collaborative Communities, Digital Commons Initiatives and Researchers in the area to identify ways to support and learn from each other and collaborate in order to promote together digital commons.




The new technologies offered a big opportunity to create, innovate and collaborate to share and build information and knowledge resources. However, we are living challenging times, with   an ongoing growth of the enclosure of the commons.


i) We want to promote  the ?makers? and ? doers? approach: To increase the visibility of the initiatives that are based on building digital commons.

ii) Systematize experiences & learn from each other (at the legal, infrastructural, sustainable, participation and governance levels).

ii) Map the digital public spaces and promote common actions 

iv) Create public procommons references: To underline the distinction between the governance of digital commons and other forms of corporate-providers not based on free and open infrastructure.

v) Build bridges between action and research on commons as a form of governance, production and horizon for social transformation.




We will address collaboratively and critically a series of working lines:


1. Participation and engagement in communities

2. Sustainability formulas and dialogue between social digital economy and cooperativism 

3. Mapping a variety of digital commons initiatives and to define a common strategy


A "How to manual on digital commons: participation engagement, sustainability formulas and over all digital commons networking" and a "Digital commons alliance/network" will be the resulting outcomes of the event. 


When and Where?


29th  and 30th  of October 2011 physically at the CCCB ( 5th Montalegre str. ? Aula 1) (Barcelona) and online at:


See program:


How to participate and keep informed?


To attend physically register at: 


Keep updated and participate online:

Identica & Twitter: @dimmons_forum

Facebook: ForumGlobal Dimmons

IRC: #Dimmons

Visit for the streaming 

Engage with the event documentation and collaborative writing at: 


Looking forward to hearing back from you!


Building Digital Commons is an initiative promoted by Amical Viquipedia ( and Institute of Government and Public Policies - Autonomous University of Barcelona (, and supported by the Wikimedia Foundation (