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Commons advocate David Bollier launches new blog

on Tue, 12/21/2010 - 18:10

David Bollier informs us:

I am thrilled to announce the launch of my new blog/website, It will be the primary showcase for my latest discoveries, adventures and reflections about the commons as I step off in some new directions. I invite you to become a regular reader, get the RSS feed, put me on your blogroll and pass this news along to friends.

Although I am no longer associated with On the Commons or its blog, I remain passionately committed to commons-based work on several fronts. First, I have embarked upon a major research project, The Commons Law Project, with Professor Burns Weston, a noted international law scholar at the U. of Iowa College of Law. We plan to recover the long, forgotten history of commons-based law as the legal foundation for new types of ecological governance.

In addition, three colleagues -- Silke Helfrich, Michel Bauwens, Beatriz Busaniche -- and I have started the Commons Strategy Group, through which we hope to assist a number of international commons projects. CSG helped organize the recent International Commons Conference in Berlin. Finally, I am spreading the word about my new film/DVD on the commons, "This Land Is Our Land," produced by the Media Education Foundation.

Source: P2P Foundation