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The Commons in Session with Edgeryders and the Council of Europe

on Sun, 06/03/2012 - 10:39


The Edgeryders Living on the Edge conference with the Council of Europe on June 14-15 in Strasburg followed by a two day workshop is a unique opportunity for Edgeryder community members and youth around Europe to express ourselves and bring our experience and vision on issues perceived as important and to share what entrepreneurs, activists and innovators are doing to tackle them.

Under a Caring for the commons main topic, the commons will be discussed in three types of sessions (guidelines):

  1. A 'meet the policy makers' session where questions can be asked to policy makers in particular on how institutions and young citizens can improve co-operation in the future
  2. A 'future history' session to our experiences prospectively
  3. Breakout sessions on specific themes with a goal to identify challenges and stakeholders, and suggest actionable solutions.

So if you have:

  • Questions for policy makers, for example related to how commons and policy can help each other.
  • Experiences you would like to share, for example successful implementation of commons related intitiatives in cooperation with institutions.
  • Issues/concerns/challenges that you would like to address
  • Specific types of outcomes you would like to achieve or actions you would like the caring for the commons workshop to lead to...

Please share them with us even if you are not with us in Strasbourg! We will process this with our volunteer team and get this through.

Follow the link:

What questions would we like to ask policy makers and what would you like to delve further into during breakout session?

Thank you!