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Free Culture between Commons and Markets: Approaching the Hybrid Economy?

on Sun, 06/06/2010 - 08:00

Yet another promising, commons-related conference supported by the Heinrich Böll Foundation:

The 3rd Free Culture Research Conference

Berlin, Oct 8-9, 2010

Enabled by new Internet technologies and innovative legal solutions, Free Culture prospers in the form of new business models and via commons-based peer production, thereby both challenging and complementing classic market institutions.

Topics of interest include:

* Studies on the use and growth of open/free licensing models
* Critical analyses of the role of Creative Commons or similar models
* The role of Free Culture in markets, industry, government, or the non-profit sector
* Technical, legal or business solutions towards a hybrid economy
* Incentives, innovation and community dynamics in open collaborative peer production
* Economic models for the sustainability of commons-based production
* The economic value of the public domain
* Business models and the public domain
* Successes and failures of open licensing
* Analyses of policies, court rulings or industry moves that influence the future of Free Culture
* Regional studies of Free Culture with global lessons
* Best practices from open/free licensing, and the application of different business and organizational models by specific communities or individuals
* Definitions of openness and freedom for different media types, users and communities
* Broader economic, sociopolitical, legal or cultural implications of Free Culture initiatives and peer production practices
* Methodological concerns in the study of Free Culture

To register and for more info, visit the conference site.



George Pór published the article on the 06/06/10