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Investing in Our Common(s) Future

The School of Commoning June 2012 Newsletter has arrived! Take a look at all the very latest top news stories and upcoming events.

June 2012

In This Issue

• Commons economy

• Our common(s) future

• Gathering invitation

• Health commons

• Edgeryders & CoE

• Charles Eisenstein

• Creating alternatives


School of Commoning

We are an international group of commons educators, established under UK law, as a social enterprise. We organise workshops, seminars, and online courses, and sponsor projects pertinent to our mission.

Keep Up With Us

Last month, the Quilligan seminars spawned groundbreaking ideas and action items in the thrilling transition to a Commons-based economy. Click here to read the full story, or here to browse the talking points of the 12 seminars.

Investing in Our Common(s) Future

We are building an open source, web-based toolkit of "Commons Economy" that will focus on what people need to know about the foundations of building and governing local and digital commons. Its initial content is derived from the 12 Quilligan seminars on the Commons and will include five professionally produced, educational films on the Commons, a companion eBook, a Commons Rising wiki, and a Wikipedia-like Commonspedia integrated with an interactive Debategraph.

To accomplish this and make the resources available worldwide for free, we need your enthused support. Small amounts can add up to a large difference, so don’t be shy!

You can also help by joining the team that is transcribing the audio track from footage from the seminars. To join the transcription team, contact Anna Betz at

Gordon Dobbin, one of our Commons Champion funders wrote:

Reclaiming the commons and reinventing democracy constitute the truly revolutionary moral imperative that will save humankind and the planet." 

We couldn’t agree more. Our campaign is an opportunity for you to invest in humankind’s future. 

Some commons supporters donated funds; others donated their time and talents, yet others mobilized their network to support the campaign.  Please do what you feel called to do for our common(s) future. 

We build the "more beautiful world that our heart knows possible" (Charles Eisenstein, the author of Sacred Economics), by one act of generosity at a time...

Invitation to Commons Gathering
London, 30th June 2012

Something new is coming alive in London - and it’s powerful. Like any change in nature, it started in a way noticeable only to a few but, have no doubt, will grow. It is the emergence of the nascent "Commons Rising" commons that exists both in London, and on an international community platform, where people have already signed up from Canada, New Zealand, Spain, US,  and other countries. Whether you attended a 12-day/12-seminar series on The Emergence of a Commons-based Economy or respond to this invitation and join the gathering, you will learn about how you can reclaim the commons in your life and work – and contribute to the tide that will raise the boat of all commoners.

You are warmly invited to bring your dreams, questions and enthusiasm to co-creating a Commons-based society, one commons at a time. The working groups that self-organised around different vital themes of the commons during the last day of the Quilligan seminars will present their work and are keen to hear your voice. You will also have the opportunity to start your own working group. We are co-creating our shared future right now and you can initiate and participate in whatever area is closest to your heart. Bring your passion, experience and skills to share for the common good. 

The questions that we plan to explore together include:

  • What are the resources that our nascent commons already has and what other resources essential to our livelihood and well being do we need to develop and how?
  • How can we map and organise the growing list of videos, articles, blogs and websites that reflect the best thinking and practices about commons-building in order to make them more accessible and useful?
  • What qualities do we need to embody so we can hear what wants to emerge through us?
  • What are the new stories, images and metaphors that can change today’s dominant narrative and support the emergence of a commons-based society?

For the location and other details, please look up the event’s Meet-Up site. If you want to reserve your place, click on the "RSVP" button in the upper right corner. Use the comment feature of that page to post your burning question, tell us what you’d like to offer and what results you’d like to see from the gathering.


Health and Well Being Commons

There's a group of commoners who feel inspired to build a network of health resources, use a systemic perspective to model what a healthy healthcare system could look like, and create an infrastructure that allows caring and love to grow in local and global communities. You can also read about their plans, and join them here if you want to play a part in co-creating a commons-oriented healthcare system that serves people and planet.  




The Commons in Session with Edgeryders and the Council of Europe

Young commoners of the Edgeryders community will meet policy makers in an event sponsored by the Council of Europe, in Strasbourg, 14-15 June. They ask you to join them virtually by contributing an answer to this question. What questions would we like to ask policy makers and what would we like to delve further into, during breakout session about Caring for the commons?  Click here to find out how to join virtually the Edgeryders' "Living on the Edge" conference with the Council of Europe.

An Evening with Charles Eisenstein in London

Charles Eisenstein will be speaking in London on 19 July, 7 pm, at St. Mary Aldermary on the theme of gift economy, the focus of his new book, Sacred Economics. Watch the video based on the book, and the event's Facebook page for further announcements and a video interview of Eisenstein, by James Quilligan, which will be posted there, the first week of July. The School of Commoning is among the sponsors of the event with Eisenteinthis leading light of new economic thought.

Occupy calls for Creating Alternatives

Occupy London has moved into a new phase and is focusing on workin g for alternatives to the present system. It will hold a series of General Assemblies exploring the themes of community, commons and localism. This series starts on Saturday 16th June and will continue until the end of August. They say, "together we can claim what has been taken from us and assert our rights as communities over the corporate state."

For more information, visit the event's Facebook page

Email: . Twitter: @occupylondonga



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