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People's Parliament

on Tue, 10/04/2011 - 13:37

The Commoning Cafe is a step towards having a physical place where people can come together for sharing ideas, interests, corcerns, visions, dreams, etc.,

The idea behind the "parliament" parliament concept is that its is sitting continuously like the political parliament of MPs now so that "members" participate when they have the time and opportunity.

The vision (or meta-vision) is that the Commoning Cafes* will give rise, in due course, to a kind of alternative parliament, open to the people, not just elected representatives. Something like this is projected in more detail as a Global Cooperative Forum in Not-Two Is Peace, based on the prior unity underlying all aspects of reality.

People's Parliament would sit initially in rented locations until developments warranted the acquisition of its own premises.

What is the difference between Commoning Cafes and People's Parliament?

Commoning Cafes will always exist as a less formal "forum" to provide the livingness of the more formal institution that would be the People's Parliament.

Note: further input  is needed by collective consciousness.

* "Steadily over time, and as a reflection of a natural calling from ordinary people, for stronger community self-organising and capacity building, we hope that these Cafés will begin to pop up around the UK and internationally." [Quoted from