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The Practice of Commoning: (excerpt from) an interview with David Harvey

on Tue, 12/18/2012 - 17:09
 I think it is getting more and more important then the question of who has the property rights and what kind of property rights there are: the private property rights, the collective property rights, or the state property rights… You know, all these kind of questions are technical questions whereas the big question for me is the political question: how do we achieve a common politics? And to do that we need to have a sort of a way of bringing people together and that means you need the spaces in which people can assemble. I am very interested in for example the problem in many cities right now is there is a lot of public spaces but you can’t actually turn them into political spaces where you actually start a common discussion. So, actually converting public spaces into common spaces of political discussion as happened with the occupation of Zuccotti Park as happened with the sort of occupation of steppes of pole that seems to me a very important part of the process of attempting to define a common purpose for what we are going to do in this city at this time, how are we going to have a common struggle and have a very clear idea of what the nature of the project is in that common struggle. That’s to me is the most important part, the political part.