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Rome Forum on: Income, Commons, Democracy

on Tue, 02/07/2012 - 21:38

via European Alternatives

Income, Commons, Democracy

From European campaigns to the construction of an alternative Europe
10-12 February
Teatro Valle Occupato, Rome

Throughout Europe, we are witnessing massive transfers of resources from the public to the private sphere. The political responses to the crises are defined by austerity measures and by cuts to social spending, driving Europe further into recession. 

From Greece to Spain, from London to Rome, European people are increasingly aware of the need for a different model of globalisation. From those resisting the privatisation of resources and services (for example in Italy with the water referendum, and currently in Romania) to the recent occupations of public spaces against neoliberalism (for example in the UK and Spain), this is the moment to construct and alternative Europe, one which is not a product of neoliberal politics, but the political expression of European citizens.

Within this context, over forty organisations, networks and social movements from eight European countries will meet in the 600-seat Valle Theatre in Rome to organise a common front to construct an alternative European model. This three-day forum will focus on the construction of common transnational campaigns on the thematics of the commons and guaranteed minimum income, also utilising the new method provided by the European citizens’ initiative. The event will be a true opportunity to build European networks and campaigns that will take concrete forms in follow-up meetings in Spain, the UK, Romania, Bulgaria and France in the following months to continue the work begun in Rome. The emphasis on concrete campaigns will be the starting point to engage in a reflection on the revision of the EU Treaties, to propose an alternative vision of Europe.

A European Citizens' Initiative for a European Charter of the Commons was initiated by the  Municipality of Naples, and take forwards recentyl by the International University College Turin. Proposals for an Initiative on minimum income have been taken forwards, amongst others, by the Basic Income Network, following the proposals advanced by the European Parliament in October 2010. 


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For full Program of the Forum including Mediaography on the Commons and Income leading up to the event click here and of course there is also a substantial store of information about the transition to a commons-based society in the Community Knowledge Garden of the School of Commoning.