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Transforming Capitalism

on Sun, 12/06/2009 - 12:24

"The crisis of our time is not about financial or economic bankruptcy. The real crisis of our time is about an intellectual bankruptcy: the bankruptcy of mainstream economic thought. Just as the crumbling of the Berlin Wall in 1989 marked the end of one fundamentalist approach to society and the economy socialist state-centric fundamentalism the toppling of the Wall Street house of cards marks the end of another neoliberal market-centric fundamentalism." -- Otto Scharmer, from The Blind Spot of Economic Thought (.pdf)

The Transforming Capitalism initiative of the Presencing Institute outlines 7 dimensions of the world crisis and the corresponding 7 acupuncture points to touch for the transformation. They serve as a framework for action.

One of the 7 dimensions is the civilizational/spiritual crisis, the domain of the "Awareness of Citizens." The corresponding "acupuncture" needle that the framework offers is this: How to create new spaces for public conversation that deepen our democracy and allow all citizens to co-create the regenerative economy?

I offer yet another needle: How to move together to a new level of collective intelligence, wisdom, and consciousness, capable to guide the current worldshift and minimize the suffering that accompanies it?