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The Urban-Space Commons Syllabus

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Just as the urban designers, architects and town planners of today must consider all aspects of the city, we will learn about the city from all angles. While we focus on the urban-space and the people empowering tools and practices for its naturally evolving design we will also take a look at all aspects of the commons and the need for collaboration between commoners with the market and state. With reference to the diagram below, an evolving syllabus will unfold below it in line with the growth of the USC knowledge garden and the discoveries we unearth from our collective intelligence in our online & offline forums.


The USC Syllabus

Section A - Fundamentals for a commons-based society and culture within our cities

A1 - Commons-based Self-Organisation

A2 - Commons-based Money and Property

A3 - Partner State & Governance

A4 - Conscious Enterprises & Production

Section B - The Urban-Space Commons


Peer to Peer Urbanism

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