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Urban-Space Knowledge Garden

This Knowledge Garden opens up within a sizeable clearance that branches off from the main Community Knowledge Garden and is also accessible from the Urban-Space Commons Home Page. This particular knowledge garden contains in Section A links to all aspects of the commons that are foundational for a holistic understanding of the urban-space, and in Section B the community people empowering tools for designing our urban-spaces. Please see the diagram below for viewing the key aspects of commons:


Section A - Fundamentals

This section explores the fundamentals for a commons-based society and culture within our cities. Here we are laying the groundwork both in basic commons theory and an appreciation of city-wide issues in which the urban-space commons is embedded within.

A1 - Commons-based Self-Organisation

Self-organisation consists of both human social learning, ecosystem awareness and technological tools to enable that learning, enhancing our urban-space.

Social Learning Tools

  • In our coming Social Learning Knowledge Garden - watch out for the growth of this section in the future.
  • Systemic Constellations for our Urban-Space Commons - coming soon.
  • Ecosystem Awareness - Urban-Spaces Directory listing individuals, groups and networks co-creating urban-space commons.


Technological Tools

Technology that can enhance the Urban-Space Commons

  • Urban-Spaces Media Library: storing key links to media and books 
  • The City as a Platform: the digital tools that are opening up city processes for peoples active participation.


A2 - Commons-based Money and Property

Outside the Commons - the legal and economic frameworks and emerging commons frameworks across spatial boundaries.

Inside the Commons - exploring the role and types of exchange and property within a commons and its effect on the urban-space


A3 - Partner State & Co-Governance

Outside the Commons - The Urban Partner State: documenting urban-space friendly policies.

Inside the Commons - Co-Governance: urban-space relationship and community rule-making for successful governance of urban-space commons.


A4 - Conscious Enterprises & Co-Production

Outside the Commons - The Conscious Enterprises/Market: documenting the activties and practices of business and consultancies that work to support and develop urban-spaces.

Inside the Commons - Co-Production: urban-space practices that generate value in the commons - an overview of Section B.


Section B - The Urban-Space Commons


Peer to Peer Urbanism

more to follow very soon...


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