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Announcing our Monthly Meetup in London... The Commoning Café

on Mon, 09/19/2011 - 16:27


The School of Commoning is pleased to announce the London launch of the Commoning Café, a monthly evening get together that represents an informal opportunity for fellow commoners to get to know and co-learn with each other. It's about exploring what commons and commoning mean to the passionate and the curious, and addressing critical issues and key solutions together. Steadily over time, and as a reflection of a natural calling from ordinary people, for stronger community self-organising and capacity building, we hope that these Cafés will begin to pop up around the UK and internationally. The overarching objective of the Café is to build a model that allows localization of Café hubs that harness our collective intelligence that can also provide feedback and share learning experiences with other Cafés. In doing so we can build together a network of accessible local spaces for commoners to become lightning rods for commoning! 




To begin the conversation we invite you to the online version of the Commoning Café where we shall share questions and insights that we can potentially engage with and expand on in our offline Commoning Café meetups.

So to experience commoning over a hot, delicious coffee please join us at any of these events visit our meetup events page and look for all our events entitled: "Commoning Café". The School of Commoning Team look forward to welcoming you in person and learning more about you and with you.