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October 2012 Quilligan Seminars

              ‘Exploring pragmatic ways the Commons can be restored -

              Politically, Economically, Culturally

In May -- which now seems like ages before the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the Olympics and Paralympics -- James Quilligan led a series of twelve seminars on the commons. The alternatives to market choice and government regulation which we discussed were enthusiastically received. Londoners really took heart!

Soon we’ll be gathering again, in memory of Elinor Ostrom, to continue the conversation on the transformational potential of the commons in our lives. Elinor, who passed away on June 12, opened the space for this new dialogue by demonstrating that our commons have always been rooted in the shared experience of local communities, where they continue to flourish. She reminded us that when people actually produce and manage their own resources, they have been very successful. Thanks to Elinor’s efforts in validating the importance and power of the commons, we now see that social change is possible. The commons represent a powerful Third Way beyond the Market and the State.

Following this memorable summer of sun and fun in Greater London, it’s time to get our hearts and minds back into the really burning issues.

From 22 - 26 October, James will be joining with colleagues to explore many new developments in the dawning world of the commons. Find the overview and how to register here.

On Monday, 22 Oct, we’ll consider the increasing significance of land trusts, how they provide deeply practical solutions for resource management and why they are beginning to evolve into bioregional trusts, encompassing large, transboundary ecosystems.

On Tuesday, 23 Oct, we’ll discuss how closing the gap between resource consumers and resource producers allows people to reclaim power over their own healthcare, instead of outsourcing it to distant providers who decrease the quality and increase the costs of these health services.

On Wednesday, 24 Oct, we’ll take a deep look at how our fiscal, financial and monetary structures have been captured by political and monied interests and how the decision-making for these economic systems can be restored to the common citizen, which has particular relevance today in the United Kingdom, the European Union and many other places.

On Thursday, 25 Oct, we’ll explore how generative conversations can reduce the disconnection and powerlessness in society and create new forms of political accountability and trust among us, regenerating our organisations, our communities and our personal lives.

On Friday, 26 Oct, an emerging network of individuals and organisations, convened by MP Michael Meacher and Lord Andrew Phillips, will assess today’s dysfunctional political economy and demonstrate how new leverage points for change can mobilize a commons-based society.

There is much more. As James leaves London, several related events will also be taking place with Thomas Greco, Fred Harrison and Jim Kenney. Don’t miss these important presentations! For details check at the bottom of this page.


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