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The Mission & Vision of the Urban-Space Commons

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The Need and Mission

Currently public consultations are seen as inadequate and the City's processes are seen as baffling and complex; moreover, the challenges raised by development often go beyond planning and architecture to deeper and more complex urban issues in transportation, community services (or lack thereof), poverty and marginalization to name just a few. All this highlights a need for citizen empowerment - to reclaim our agency, right to the city and future living conditions. Our mission is to provide spaces for learning and collaboration that can educate and empower all citizens. Learning about the Urban-Space Commons at the School of Commoning will gift each and all of us with the tools and capacities for shaping our communities and rebalancing development to enact the wishes of and by the people.

The Vision

The vision of the city from the perspective of everyday commoners is one where they are a natural part of everyday community life connected and engaged with all processes including urban design which itself is viewed as a natural and social process of ongoing renewal and space making that works in unity with both its component parts and its larger wholes. 

As people grow and learn from each other around issues relating to the design of our cities, the city is increasingly empowering to its people and inspires participation and stewardship of shaping the places in which we live. This involvement is predominantly in the direct development of urban-space commons which play the primary role in the local arena of a commons based society. In an era of networked societies and collaboration, other commoners or supporters of commoners take up roles in local 'partner-state' government to support and empower this bottom up design of the built environment. In partnership with an efficient state which works for people, the urban-space commons encourages local, consciously driven, small to medium size enterprises that thrive in these conditions. Life enriching places, each unique and adaptive to the needs of our communities.


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